Saturday, July 30, 2011

Work bench results for Friday

Well Friday was a productive day for me. I made some more flowers that matche the set I posted a few days ago. But this time I kept them shiny instead of darkening the silver. I am working on just making them into a solid silver bracelet joining them with Jump rings. I really like the look so far but I need to make another 6 flowers today to finish it off. I will post pictures once it is done.

I heard that my grandmother got her earrings yesterday which were a gift from my dad and I. From what my cousin said she really liked them and even wore a pair when they took her out to dinner last night. I am so happy!

Here is a fun necklace I made using 18gauge sterling wire. It is my variation of a snitch from the Harry Potter movie. I know in the movie it is gold but 1. I don't have any gold filled wire that size and 2. Gold prices are out of control LOL.

I also made these Hoop earrings and I have to say I impressed myself with the results. I think I really getting the hang of using this torch.

Well I think that is all for now I am heading out to the studio to see if I can finish that bracelet. First I will put these up on Etsy. I need to go to Wal-Mart at some point today to pick up a new belt for my tumbler. I think the kids are getting tired of me handing them the barrel and saying shake this while you watch TV LOL.

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