Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Sterling Silver Flower Ring

Ok so I am hooked on these little flowers I have been making. I started out last week making them after making some earrings for my grandmother’s birthday. Takes about 2.5 inches of wire to make each flower and piece together pretty quick.

Hmmm just had a thought maybe I should do a tutorial on them..... That is something to ponder this weekend.

Anyway I had the day off last Friday from my regular job with the education dept. Since the youth center I volunteer at was closed it gave me the full day to work in my studio. I made some double hoop earrings and then started making the flowers again. I made a complete bracelet and had one left over. I thought for a moment on whether or not to make another one and turn them into earrings. Then I remembered that I had made a simple sterling double wire ring about a month earlier. I made it with the intent on putting something on the top but wasn't sure what. But when I sat the flower on it I knew I had to add it. It is so dainty and so cute I just might have to make more might even work as a toe ring. Think I will have to play with that idea as well.

I wonder what other ideas are out there that these flowers would work in……

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patience said...

you should make more as they are adorable