Monday, November 03, 2014

Art Show 2014

Art Show:
I work for the county office of education as well as running my small business. At my job every year we have an employee art show.  I try and make something new every year to enter.  In 2012 I entered a couple of necklaces and a ring. The Chain Mail necklace and the ring have since been sold.

In 2013 I create a Copper Hair clip.  It was a lot of fun playing with the swirls to create this piece.

This year I am entering a few pieces.  Silver necklace with swirls, Copper swirl earrings and a couple of hammered Copper cuff bracelets.  The Copper cuff's are made from copper pipe that is hammered using several different types of hammers and rounded Dapping tools.  The larger of the two bracelets weighs 2.5 ounce while the smaller one is 1.5 ounces.

The earrings are all copper hand formed into the swirls then soldered into place.

The Silver pendent again is all hand formed swirls soldered into place then Green Mountain Jade & Black Onyx is set.  

 I really like entering these shows as it really makes me step outside my comfort zone and be creative. I have to push myself to do something different that I wouldn't normally do.  In doing this I have found I really like the hammered look and I love working with the wire to make the swirls.