Sunday, August 17, 2008

New Video

Hubby showed me this morning that we had a video creation program n our PC so I sat down tonight and created a new one. It is longer then the first one but I am happy with the results.

My sister has requested that I create a couple of videos for her art gallery to show off the artist that she carries.

Enjoy the new video and again I used David Arkenstone for the music this song is called Dragons Breath.


Using Videos to promote etsy shops

I have noticed many etsy videos on You Tube lately and after talking to some that have used them and with nice success I decided to create one myself. It is my first attempt at this but it was rather easy. I went to created an account and started creating. Once it is made you can upload it right to You tube from one true media.

One thing you might want to consider when creating a video and watch it several times before publishing. Make sure you images are clear and that they can be seen fully. I found many of mine had to be zoomed out which you can do in the editing process. They have many song selections to use as background music but you can also upload you own.

When making your title for your video be sure you use something that will be easily pulled up by searching. At first I used my etsy web link but that wasn't good. So I just called it Links and Loops Hand Crafted Jewelry on Etsy. in my tags I added hand crafted jewelry but I also added etsy and the team names that I belong to ESMARTS and CHICOTEAM. That way if other team members create some they can be searched for by team names.

I think it would be fun to create a video using some team member shops and advertise not only etsy but the teams and members. I have seen many teams that have a team shop and the items in the shop are link to the individual member shops. I thought that was a great idea and way to raise funds for the team to use for advertising or other needs.

I could go on an on but I will stop here for now. Here is my video please feel free to comment here or on you tube.