Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Driving to work this morning was like driving on a foggy day but this was no fog. The smoke in the air around Oroville is bad. But I hear it is so much worse in nearby areas. I have some pictures on my camera but I haven't been able to download them yet so I will have to post them later.

I have 4 days left at my job then I will be home with my family for the summer. While home I hope to get all my web sites updated with new items and information. But the biggest thing I hope to accomplish is just enjoying my family. With my oldest son being 19 and attending college who knows where he will be next year. I keep thinking in the back of my mind that this might be his last summer home and I want to do all I can to enjoy it.

My home is like an open door to all my kids friends, I never know who will be there when I get home. I don't really mind as I know where mine are who they are with and what they are doing. But we started a new rule in our home 6pm is family time so unless you have been invited to stay it is time to go home.

We then eat together as a family at the table. This has been awesome as we are reconnecting with our kids. After dinner is over usually about 7pm we all head to the kitchen where we clean together. Steven (the oldest unloads the dishwasher while the youngest Nick collects any dishes that have been left on the table or anywhere else in the house during the day. Gary (my hubby) puts the leftover food away while I load the dishwasher and wash any big things that don't fit. Tim Will dry and put away those items. Nick by then is wiping down the stove and cabinets while Steven takes out the trash. We are done in about 15 minutes. Whats nice nobody complains as we are all in there together and not one person is stuck with it all. If time permits we head out to the dining room and living room pick up sweep and mop by 8pm we are done the house looks nice and we can relax.

Now that the table is clean and it is still early we have been playing games together and by this time some friends have popped back in. They know that 8pm all is clear and it is safe to come back for a couple hours. It feels good to know they like being at our house and hanging out with hubby and I. We will play cards and just talk. It is amazing what you can get out of a teenager if you just spend time hanging out with them.

Well time to get off here and get some work done.

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