Friday, June 27, 2008

Another smoky day

I woke up about 1:30 this morning to smoke in the bedroom. Gary's first thought was the kids had turned the swamp cooler on upstairs. I got up to check it wasn't on and the rest of the house didn't smell of smoke just our room. I guess the little AC we have in our window was pulling it in. I ended up on the couch wide awake Gary put the house AC on with recirculate to get the smell out.

We have a little cloud cover outside though you can't tell from all the smoke and it is holding the smoke down. It is worse today then it has been the last few days. As I took Tim to summer school I took a few pictures. Dropped him off drove over by Feather River for a few more. Gas tank was dead on empty so I headed over to Circle K and it is like driving in fog. As the car was filling up I shot a few more pictures.

I am so afraid this is going to get worse before it gets better. They expect Dry thunder storms and possible showers over the weekend probably starting today. We can sure use the showers but lord you can keep the lightening please.

Just going from the car to the house or office my nose and throat just burns. Chico they are issuing masks for anyone that needs to be outside at all. I past somebody on the road wearing one this morning and thought maybe we should get some for home to. Never thought I would see the day we would need to wear masks to do the day to day chores.

Looking through the paper I see that the fire total for Butte County is at 32 now. It is climbing rather then going down :( not good. They also say they only have 15% containment. If we get the dry thunderstorms that are predicted the fire number can rise and it has been said that Butte County will be under a state of emergency just from the smoke alone.

We have three C-130's sitting in Chico but can't get off the ground unless the pilots can see 3 miles otherwise it isn't safe.

Just received an air quality report from Butte County Air Quality Management District for this area."

Quoted from the PDF file I received.

Yesterday Butte County exceeded the federal health-based average 24-hour Ambient Air Quality Standard of 35 micro grams per cubic meter (ug/m3) for fine particulate matter (PM2.5). The 24-hour average in Chico yesterday was 134 ug/m3 which is equal to an Air Quality Index of 191.

Today the Air Quality Index in Chico is forecast to reach 213. At this level the air quality is rated VERY UNHEALTHY for all people.

An additional monitor has been located at the Paradise Airport. The 24-hour average in Paradise yesterday was 322 ug/m3 which is equal to an Air Quality Index of312.

Today the Air Quality Index in Paradise is forecast to reach 350. At this level the air quality is rated HAZARDOUS.

These conditions are expected to continue until the fires are extinguished.
All recommendations for minimizing smoke exposure continue to be in effect until further notice. A summary follows.

Recommendations for Minimize Smoke Exposure

  • Stay indoors with windows and doors closed; run air-conditioner on "recirculate" setting. Do not run swamp coolers. If it becomes too warm indoors, individuals may consider leaving the area to seek alternative shelter .
  • Minimize or stop outdoor activities, especially exercise, or children's sporting events during smoky conditions .
  • People in a "high risk" group or those who cannot find adequate shelter from the smoke outside may need to move to an emergency shelter located out of smoky areas .
  • People who must spend time outdoors should drink plenty of fluids .
  • Masks that filter out 95 percent of particles measuring 0.3 micrometers diameter or larger (known as "N95" or "R95" respirators/masks) can be effective if properly fitted to the wearer's face. These can be found at large hardware and home stores. HEPA filter masks are also recommended. Respirators are not intended to be worn for exercise use.

Information will be updated and posted to the District Web site as available at and recorded on the Residential Bum HOT LINE at 896-2537 or toll free at 866-240-0859. The District office number is 891-2882 or 888-891-2882. Following is the Air Quality Index table for Particle Pollution for reference.

Stay Safe Everyone!!

Here is a slide show of the pictures I have taken around Oroville.

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Annette Piper said...

It certainly is hazy. We have periods in our summer where smoke blows in from hundreds of kilometres away - but it always makes you look around to be sure its not a local fire.