Wednesday, June 25, 2008

CA Fires

My husband just sent me this photo.

The area highlighted in Yellow is Butte County area where we live. We have currently 27 fires burning over 3000 acres. So far no structures have burned but 300 are threatened at this time. This doesn’t include the 2 big ones that were just put out a few weeks back that burned over 20K acres and about 100 homes. You can see more information on the current fire at the CDF website. By looking at the photo above it is a wonder we can breathe outside. We have been limiting our outdoor activities as when you go outside all you see and smell is smoke. Before long your nose and throat start to burn not to mention your eyes. Everything in the house smells of smoke as well.

Sure is scary times.

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mygemstonebox said...

Stay safe my fellow eSMArts team member!
Praying for you.