Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Whats new

Last weekend my oldest son Steven, his girl friend Caitlyn and I went up to Grants Pass Oregon. My sister Carol and her husband Gary own a beautiful Art gallery there. The first Friday of every month they have Art night. They stay open late so that people can come and meet an artist. Many times the artist will have something they are working on so that you can see the process.
The gallery is called Treasured Memories Fine Art Gallery http://www.tmfineart.com/ For June my son was showing his art. Steven is a graphite artist and is currently writing a book as well. He has been attending Butte college since last year. I was also showing my Jewelry Art and Caitlyn brought her Polmer Clay beads and pendants that she has been working on. I hope to have her start posting her dragon pendants that she creates as they are amazing.
The vest Steven is wearing in the photo above was hand made by a Navajo elder from a Northren Arizona tribe. My brother purchased it several years back and when Steven graduated highschool last year he gave it to him as a gift. Steven really loves it and I think it looks rather striking on him.
After getting back home to CA, our area was hit by fires. One called the Ophir Fire which destroyed 21 homes and lost of farm land. the other was called the Humboldt fire and was in Paradise CA. There were 78 people that lost thier homes in that one and over 23K acres were burned. I have opened an Etsy shop at http://www.linksandloops.etsy.com/ From now until July 15, 2008 I am running a fundraiser for the fire victims from those fires.

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